2020. január 23. 23:46

For Propaganda of Lies There Is Money, For Healthcare There Isn’t

For Propaganda of Lies There Is Money, For Healthcare There Isn’t
According to the president of the Hungarian Medical Chamber, Hungarian healthcare would require about HUF 500 billion to settle wages and hospital deficiencies. That seems like a huge sum, but the funds are there. That is to say, if we did not have to pay that HUF 500 billion penalty for the misuse of EU money that happened as a result of corruption in the Orbán government.
Fidesz would be able to raise the necessary money, nonetheless, if healthcare were important to them, since they were able to spend HUF 133 billion on propaganda alone. In addition, there would be plenty of money left for healthcare if priority was given not given to expensive luxury investments, such as the government private jet, the purchase of the HUF 82 billion luxury car, or Viktor Orbán's move to Buda.
The corruption and high-life of Fidesz at the expense of healthcare can be measured in human lives. Since Orbán came to power, nearly 300,000 Hungarians have died of preventable or treatable illnesses due to their unwillingness to fund healthcare properly. 
MSZP agrees with the President of the Hungarian Medical Chamber that medical equipment needs to be modernized, and hospital debts and healthcare workers’ wage settlements need to be resolved as quickly as possible.
MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
Further information: Lajos Korózs, Chairman of the Public Welfare Committee

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