2020. február 01. 21:42

Fidesz Must Stop Hate Campaign Immediately!

Fidesz Must Stop Hate Campaign Immediately!
The Fidesz lie factory has apparently been operating at full capacity since Árpád Habony media adviser was ordered home from London.
The Prime Minister personally incited hatred among Hungarians against the Roma, and most recently the Mayor of Budapest’s 7th district (Erzsébetváros) Péter Niedermüller was targeted.
The situation escalated on Thursday morning when flyers scorning Niedermüller covered the vicinity of Blaha Lujza Square near the Mayor's Office in Erzsébetváros, followed by the sending of a dead rat to the Mayor's Office.
The Hungarian Socialist Party condemns the hate campaign fuelled by Fidesz and continues to stand for opposition cooperation.
At the same time, we are calling for the openly anti-Semitic and racist Beatrix Siklós to be removed from her position as head of Kossuth Radio.
Bertalan Tóth,
President of MSZP
Ágnes Kunhalmi,
Caucus leader, MSZP
Zsolt Molnár,
President of MSZP Budapest