2020. február 22. 00:27

Rental Homes for Young People!

Rental Homes for Young People!
Municipalities are being increasingly affected by the housing crisis caused by rocketing property prices and rents. As a result, more young people are unable to create a home for themselves, as not everyone is eligible for state support.
However, municipalities can do a lot to alleviate the crisis. Nyírbátor's left-wing leadership has therefore launched a pilot program from its own resources, with 70 new rental apartments being handed over this summer in the first phase. This way, the town administration can offer young people affordable rental fees.
The aim of MSZP is to integrate the Nyírbátor pilot program into the joint opposition program that will enable the new government to resolve the housing crisis jointly with local governments after 2022.
Bertalan Tóth
MSZP President 
Antal Máté
Mayor of Nyírbátor