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National Cohesion within Our Borders, Too!

National Cohesion within Our Borders, Too!
There is a lot of talk this week about national cohesion, while we got to experience Fidesz’s exclusionary, divisive policy in the economy and society over the past ten years.
When the Speaker of Parliament László Kövér talks about the Hungarian opposition not being part of the nation, it is all part of that hate policy talking that has led to the multiple vandalising of the Roma Holocaust Memorial and the inscription on it insulting one of our fellow MPs. And to police idly watching an open, racist demonstration take place in our capital, while peaceful demonstrators elsewhere are brutally punished with hundreds of thousands of forints.
The Hungarian Socialist Party protests against racist manifestations, stands up for our fellow MP, and also protests against government policies that quietly support racist movements.
But this exclusionary, divisive policy has also been present in the economy in the past ten years, as we see Fidesz positioning its own privileged elite while letting go of the hand of the majority of society. 500,000 children are starving in the country, 3 million live below the subsistence level, hundreds of thousands of pensioners live in poverty, nearly 400,000 jobs have been lost and then we have not even mentioned the nearly one hundred thousand small businesses that have lost sales revenues overnight.
There is one way of national cohesion: reconstruction.
We want real investment in the future!
There is no other way: more money needs to be given to education, healthcare, the social welfare system, and the economy needs meaningful, sustainable and growth-enhancing investments that create value for all of us. That is why we are also initiating the Kádár-cube housing insulation program.
Because a successful reconstruction can give everyone a real chance at a better life and creates real national cohesion.

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