2020. július 31. 12:22

MSZP to Collect 400,000 Signatures for Protecting Lake Balaton

MSZP to Collect 400,000 Signatures for Protecting Lake Balaton
Already, before submitting the referendum initiative, MSZP has collected tens of thousands of signatures. However, they shall not give up on the referendum initiative either – not in the least!

The party set out to collect no less than 400,000 signatures – announced party director Zsolt Molnár, board member Dávid Bihal and Member of Parliament and President of the BAZ County MSZP László Varga at an online press conference on Thursday afternoon, signing in from Siófok.

"Tens of thousands have already supported our initiative: we have started and will continue the battle of Lake Balaton," Dávid Bihal said.

Zsolt Molnár emphasized that the battle is now for everyone’s free access to Hungary’s natural lakes and waters. "It is not the opposition and the government at battle here, but us, Hungarians against the oligarchs and the bourgeoisie."

He reminded that on Tuesday MSZP President Bertalan Tóth and caucus leader Ágnes Kunhalmi submitted a referendum initiative and are looking forward to the decision of the National Election Commission. “We urge them to decide as soon as possible! Our message to them from here is that socialist activists and other parties, non-governmental organizations, and the Hungarian people who joined us shall collect not 200, but 400,000 signatures!”

He pointed out that Lake Balaton is not only an issue for the surrounding settlements and the people of Budapest, and that the issue of natural lakes is not limited to those living around them. "We will preserve that people can bathe in this wonderful lake without having to pay for tickets, and not only in Lake Balaton, but also in other natural lakes all over the country," Zsolt Molnár announced, referring also to the success of signature collection in Eastern Hungary.

President of the MSZP in Borsod László Varga said that he had personally participated in several initiatives in the last 10 years, whereby disadvantaged children from Eastern Hungary were taken camping to Lake Balaton. “Having cheap accommodation and free beaches is our common national cause. We will not let a narrow elite expropriate our free waters!

We are joining the petition, and if the referendum initiatives are given the green light, we will join those too, because having free access to our waters is a common national issue for all of us.”