2020. szeptember 14. 12:38

Free Press, Free Country! Red-White Tape for Klubrádió!

Free Press, Free Country! Red-White Tape for Klubrádió!
The government cannot stand criticism. They try to silence all opposing views. After the major circulation daily Népszabadság and the most popular online news portal Index, Klubrádió is next in line. It too was sentenced to death.

The stakes are high. For them, the loss of power is at stake, so they use every means to destroy the last bastions of  the free press in Hungary. They want to be sure, so they feel they need to dismantle all non-governmental intellectual centers, thus ensuring the 2022 election victory.
For us, this struggle is about the freedom of our country. The attack on Klubrádió is a call to us, a call for closer cooperation and social solidarity between parties committed to a change of government and era. We have to safeguard everything, we have to embrace all that is still left.

That is why I am initiating a six-party consultation on the future and possibilities of Klubrádió..
Bertalan Tóth,
MSZP President

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