2020. szeptember 16. 17:57

Ágnes Kunhalmi and Bertalan Tóth MSZP’s Presidential Candidates, Saturday's Congress to Be Held Online

Ágnes Kunhalmi and Bertalan Tóth MSZP’s Presidential Candidates, Saturday's Congress to Be Held Online
The nomination process within MSZP has been completed: caucus leader Ágnes Kunhalmi and party president Bertalan Tóth are the two co-presidential candidates, the head of the nomination committee told MTI Hungarian News Agency on Monday.

Imre Szekeres also said that due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Hungarian Socialist Party’s next congress to elect officials, which was postponed in the spring, will be held online on Saturday.

The politician said the party’s presidency had decided last Wednesday to hold the congress online because of the epidemic.

After that, the nomination committee decided which of the options in the statutes they would opt for, Imre Szekeres explained. He added that delegates could vote on the members of the bodies on closed lists, so their composition could be decided in single rounds of voting.

The chairman of the nomination committee said candidates were told on Thursday that the voting would be on a closed list, which they accepted. A list of members of the 15-member presidency, the newly formed 5-member supervisory board, and the 5-member disciplinary council had to be submitted, he said.

Imre Szekeres said that two lists had been received by the Monday deadline, one from Ágnes Kunhalmi and Bertalan Tóth, the other from Szófia Havas healthcare politician. The first complied with the regulations, but the second did not because many of the candidates did not undertake the nomination, he explained.

He added that former party president Attila Mesterházy, whose nomination had previously been supported by the committee, did not submit a list.

He also reported that there was one candidate for the position of caucus leader, Deputy Speaker of Parliament István Hiller.

The election program that the MSZP leadership must represent in the negotiations with the opposition parties will be adopted at Saturday's congress, Imre Szekeres added.

The congress, which will be attended by 299 delegates and more than 200 invitees, will be held on the online platform Zoom, he noted.

Imre Szekeres explained that the congress had not been postponed due to the expiration of the mandate of the party leaders on 20 September. Without the congress, for example, MSZP could have remained without legitimate representation in court, he pointed out.

MSZP would have originally held its compulsory biennial leadership renewal congress in the summer, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the election of officials had to be postponed. In the summer, candidates decided online to amend the party’s statutes and introduce the system of female and male co-presidency in MSZP.