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European Court of Justice Lex CEU Ruling Also Proves: Rule of Law Must Be Restored in Hungary!

European Court of Justice Lex CEU Ruling Also Proves: Rule of Law Must Be Restored in Hungary!
Further evidence has emerged that there is no rule of law in Hungary: the European Court of Justice has condemned the Fidesz government and its actions pertaining to “lex CEU.”

The Hungarian Socialist Party has stated on several occasions that attacks on universities and the expulsion of the Central European University have caused invaluable damage to Hungary. The European Court of Justice has now ruled that it violates the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and the WTO General Agreement on Trade in Services.

With the chancellor system introduced at universities and financial austerities, the Fidesz regime curbed the autonomy of universities. The privatization of state universities as foundations and the subsequently giving Fidesz trustees power over university autonomy are all decisions that threaten the existence of the entire Hungarian intelligentsia and are part of the war against independent institutions not directly subordinated to the government. A striking but not unique example of this is the persecution of CEU, but the story of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, the separation of the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and the closure of the 1956 Institute can also be included here.

As a social democratic party, MSZP is committed to restoring the rule of law, democracy, and freedoms in 2022, along with the other members of the alliance for changing the government. We want universities that have become vulnerable for political and ideological reasons to be re-state-run and to ensure freedom of research and education at all universities. At the same time, we want to radically increase access to higher education!

István Hiller,
deputy speaker of the National Assembly

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