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Hungarians Must Get Back What Their Government Took Away from Households!

Hungarians Must Get Back What Their Government Took Away from Households!
For many years now, the rise in prices has been greater than that of wages; according to MSZP and its opposition allies, the oligarchs must be stopped by precise regulations, said Member of Parliament for MSZP dr. László Szakács, and György László Lukács of Jobbik, dr. László Szakács on ATV’s morning show ‘Start’ on Wednesday.

We welcome that the government is to increase the salaries of doctors in three years; however, this small yet important detail does not solve the basic livelihood problems that Hungary is struggling with. "We also voted to increase doctors' salaries, but in addition to that, there was another amendment proposal from the Legislative Committee, which we received 45 minutes after the start of the meeting. It included points such as the possibility of transferring a doctor from their base in 10 days for 2 years, for example," said László Szakács.

 "Healthcare professionals do not benefit from this salary increase with this law: the Hungarian Medical Chamber always draws attention to the fact that other health professionals also need an increase, they have been waiting for this for 10 years," added László György Lukács.

The Fidesz government is not only leeching on the salaries of healthcare workers, but also on families, which can be seen, for example, from the Nation Bank’s (MNB) extra profit, Szakács emphasized. “Matolcsy and the others now have more than 200 billion forints that they won thanks to the weak forint; all we get is the price increase that it entails. This is what the majority gets, because when the forint is weak, everything becomes more expensive. Those who also profit on this are multinationals that maintain their accounting records in euros, but make their payments in forints.”

“We now see the new plans that the prime minister’s commissioner Márton Nagy tabled, but he refuses to talk about them. People can’t pay their overheads! Our proposal to reduce overheads goes like this:  Hungarians should not have to pay more expensive overheads than what they cost for state-owned companies,” the socialist politician said, confirming that MSZP is proposing government overheads that cost no more than half of what they do now in terms of world market prices.

“This is easy to agree with. It would also come handy for families if we helped them with the VAT on some basic foods, as they are also burdened by the highest VAT in European,” reminded the Jobbik MP.

“When the price of a barrel of crude oil was $ 100, families paid 101 forints for a cubic meter of gas; now that the price of a barrel of oil is below $ 50, why don’t they pay 50 forints? The Hungarian state does not follow the tendencies, Hungarians always buy gas for 101 forints per cubic meter, even if the state-owned company pays only 50 forints for it, or only 30 or 19 forints. There is heaps of profit from this and it is not shared with the families,” complained the MSZP MP, emphasizing that the government does all this at a time when wages are the lowest in Hungary compared to the level of corruption on overheads.

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