2020. november 08. 21:27

That’s Far Too Little, Prime Minister!

That’s Far Too Little, Prime Minister!
What the prime minister announced is a balloon. Seemingly large, but empty inside.

That’s far too little, Prime Minister! These are the bogus measures of a weak government. There will not be fewer deaths from free parking.

There will not be fewer infections as a result of the night curfew.

Now is not the time to punish, but to save lives and provide a livelihood for those who no longer have reserves!

In addition to introducing restrictive measures, the government should provide assistance to those who suffer from those restrictions.

Mass testing should be carried out so that we know who is infected and who is not.

Contacts that help spread the virus should be reduced. 100 per cent sick pay for quarantined people! This could really curb the epidemic! Those who receive only 60 per cent of their salary as sick pay prefer to hide their symptoms and avoid getting medical help.

Fidesz does not provide enough resources for protection, neither for healthcare, local governments, and companies, nor for people! The government is helplessly watching the castle in the air that they built crumble down around them.

The consequences could be devastating!

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