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2020. november 13. 14:41

Orbán Admits to Causing Financial Damage to Caterers in Spring with 27% VAT

Orbán Admits to Causing Financial Damage to Caterers in Spring with 27% VAT
In his regular Friday radio interview, Viktor Orbán essentially admitted that the government had let caterers down in the spring as when the parties concerned requested with the first lockdown that the use of the 5% VAT rate also be applied to take-away food, their request was denied.

To the written questions asked by MSZP, Fidesz then explained the rejection by saying that "this is an extremely costly and not necessarily the most effective solution to help certain businesses in trouble."

It seems that the Prime Minister has finally recognized the serious consequences of the measures he failed to introduce in the spring, as he has now authorized the relief.

This is yet another example that proves that the government decides on the necessary steps very late. However, this cannot continue like this because this inaction puts people’s livelihoods at risk!

It is time to take the necessary steps quickly; therefore, MSZP continues to demand the support of Hungarian small and medium-sized enterprises, 80% wage subsidy and the extension of the duration of the job search allowance for 9 months. In addition, 100 per cent sick pay must be provided for those who are proven to be ill with the coronavirus, so that they do not want to avoid quarantine and do not want to work while being ill.

According to MSZP, everyone is entitled to a secure livelihood, which is why, as a social democratic party, it fights for equal opportunities, the establishment of social security and the elimination of social injustices.

MSZP – Hungarian Socialist Party
More information: Zita Gurmai, Deputy Group Leader, Vice-President of MSZP


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