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2020. november 20. 20:19

The Truth About The Fidesz Veto

The Truth About The Fidesz Veto
Viktor Orbán and Fidesz raped democracy and raped the European and Hungarian legal systems.

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz have raised corruption to a state and even a constitutional level.

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz will keep their power and with it the key to the treasury of public funds at all cost.

Viktor Orbán and Fidesz are lying about the EU’s rule of law mechanism: it has nothing to do with migration or George Soros.

The truth is that the Member States of the European Union and European taxpayers are tired of Orbán and his gang stuffing their own pockets with EU public money.

The truth is that Viktor Orbán and Fidesz do not want anyone to exercise control over them and will do anything they can to avoid it.

The truth is that the Fidesz budget veto will prevent Hungary from accessing HUF 7,000 billion in cohesion funding that Hungarians are entitled to, more than HUF 4,200 billion in agricultural support and, among other things, HUF 2,100 billion in non-refundable support from the recovery package.

The truth is that Viktor Orbán lied when he said that the country does not need to take a loan, as he himself acknowledged that HUF 900 billion in foreign currency loans had been taken from the market these days, as opposed to taking advantage of the extremely favourable EU loan package.

The truth is that Viktor Orbán and Fidesz drifted into a fatal gambling game in which the interests of Hungary and the Hungarian people can only be harmed.


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