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2020. december 07. 20:13

Bertalan Tóth: When Will You Start Apologizing?

Bertalan Tóth: When Will You Start Apologizing?
When will you start apologizing? Because there are plenty of reasons why and many concerned people to whom you should, said co-president of MSZP and leader of the parliamentary group Bertalan Tóth before the agenda in Parliament on Monday, blaming the government's epidemiological inaction and urging the adoption of MSZP's proposals.

Government MPs and cabinet members could start by apologizing for Tamás Deutsch's ‘Gestapo’ comment directed at Manfred Weber in the EP and continue with apologizing for Demeter Szilárd’s remarks comparing George Soros’ vision of Europe to Nazi gas chambers, "because it is clear from these that you do not respect democracy, European values or indeed the rule of law," he stated.

You should also apologize for threatening with the EU veto, “with which you are working against the development of the Hungarian economy and the interests of Hungarian people" and "you simply refuse to tolerate the fact that you can no longer steal EU money."

“And I didn’t even want to mention that Fidesz’s pseudo-Christian morality hung a few days ago at the site of a sex orgy in Brussels with a backpack full of drugs (…). We have not heard you apologize for bringing this shame on us either, because we are ashamed,” said the group leader.

He stated that for ten years the Fidesz regime has been "working to build an inhumane, pseudo-Christian, authoritarian system based on lies and hypocrisy." By now, it has “completely lost its sense of reality”, stands in opposition to the whole of Europe and forgot that its job would be responsible governance. It has become clear: "the Fidesz regime is does something different in every area than what it says!"

It would also be time for the government to apologize for what it did not and does not do at the time of the epidemic because they let Hungarian people down.

“They said no one would be left behind while 150,000 unemployed do not receive any benefits, (…) unemployment is simply not dealt with! You say that Hungarians have never been doing so well, meanwhile healthcare is collapsing, education is declining and millions are in need! You had the nerve to spend 140 billion forints on sports and call it crisis management, while the health sector received 50 billion forints, and even the churches received 103 billion forints,” he said adding: “Don’t even bother mention the procurement of ventilators for hundreds of millions of forints because that is a classic example of your corrupt system!”

He called the explanations for the veto protecting the thievery of the Fidesz elite "prevarication," just like the Fidesz narrative that it would be better to protect Hungary against the virus outside the EU. “You are well-aware too that it is not the EU hindering mass vaccination of contact tracing but the Fidesz government! It is not the EU that is blocking the introduction of 100% sick pay to stop infections at work, but you, the Fidesz government!”

He stressed that subscribing to the vaccination list will not protect anyone and bashing Soros and migrants “even less so.

“Wake up and see that action needs to be taken, action needs to be taken now! (…) In order not to mourn at Christmas, people should be protected now! Let us finally carry out mass and free testing, and genuinely useful contact tracing! Let those infected get 100% sick pay! Give substantive help to families, the elderly, businesses and the unemployed so that their livelihoods are secure,” he listed the claims of MSZP.

He reiterated that Fidesz and Viktor Orbán are responsible for every minute of delay, all postponed action and bluffing.

"Hungary and Europe both expect responsible governance of you," he concluded.


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