Instead of Loans Give Real Support to Families!

Instead of Loans Give Real Support to Families!
The government, which calls itself family-friendly on billboards for billions of forints, is putting families in an increasingly difficult position each year, and now, even in times of economic crisis, it is unwilling to give them meaningful help.

The government does not see the real, everyday problems of families even when masses have become unemployed and the incomes of hundreds of thousands of employees have fallen. In this situation, most people want a secure livelihood to survive the crisis, not another loan to renovate their homes. However, Fidesz politicians led by Viktor Orbán still do not understand that it is not the one who is planning to renovate his home who is in trouble, but the one who has no job with the empty pocket and the empty pantry!

Fidesz does not increase the amount of subsidies or salaries, but directs families to loans in all areas. However, according to MSZP, instead of indebted people, real solutions are needed. The burden on families needs to be reduced, so we consider it essential to radically increase the maternity benefit for those raising children, double the family benefits (family allowance, childcare allowances) and secure the lasting value of these benefits.



More information: Ildikó Bangóné Borbély, Member of Parliament