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2021. január 05. 19:15

Fidesz Only Gives to The Rich - Response to Katalin Novák's Interview

Fidesz Only Gives to The Rich - Response to Katalin Novák's Interview
We would remind the Minister of Family Affairs, who seems to have switched to campaign mode, that pro-government MPs have refused to as much as negotiate about higher amounts of family allowances and emergency support in December for families in difficulty.

Furthermore, it would be good if Katalin Novák remembered that the government did not even increase the amount of the family allowance in 10 years.

The government does not see the real, everyday problems of families even in times of crisis. In this situation, most people want a secure livelihood to survive the crisis; another loan for home renovation only helps those with a stable income.

Fidesz does not increase the amount of subsidies or salaries, but directs families towards loans. We believe that real solutions are needed instead of indebting people. The burden on families must be reduced; therefore, MSZP demands a radical increase in maternity benefits, a doubling of family benefits (family allowance, childcare support) on a universal basis and ensuring the long-term value of benefits.

Should Katalin Novák have a little time in between the shooting of videos, she might also want to deal with these issues as a minister.




More information: Zita Gurmai, Deputy Group Leader, MSZP Vice-President

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