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We’ll Return Self-Governance to People!

We’ll Return Self-Governance  to People!
Today, one of the most important things in Hungary in the field of healthcare and finance is the re-establishment of people's self-determination - said party director of MSZP Zsolt Molnár Thursday evening on ATV's Straightforward Talk.

Asked whether they support Momentum's initiative to give HUF 100,000 for everyone who is willing to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, Zsolt Molnár emphasized that the most important point of MSZP in connection with the obligation, support or timeliness of vaccination is that there should be a professional medical opinion on this, not a political one. “We encourage everyone to trust doctors who say social protection develops when the level of vaccinated people is as high as possible. If this requires positive incentives, we are not against it, although we would prefer some health-related bonus instead of cash.”

Responding to suggestions about the well-being of locals across Hungary, the party director said MSZP demands that local governments get back the business tax recently taken away from them. One of the main goals of the party is to reaffirm participatory democracy in Hungary and to strengthen the self-governance of locals from the resources created by their own work. “Since the municipal elections that were a success for people in 2019, there has been a systematic curbing of rights, destruction of and retaliations against local governments. Voters need to ask themselves whether they want to live next year in a country where such factors shall decide their fate, whether there are 15 or 25 thousand people living in the settlement, what party the mayor is from, and whether there is a special deal they have with the government… We’ll return self-governance to local voters,” he promised.

He said, in practice, this could also mean that if they wish, they could get back the control over their health or education system, or even the construction authority procedure. “The position of the Socialist Party is that indeed, the self-government of the 1990s and 2000s with a system of checks and balances and local decision-making is the example to follow. Let’s look at which countries work best in Europe: those where local governance is strong. Our tax forints, our local affairs, our playgrounds, our potholes, our local clinics should not be decided centrally by some incompetent person; it is best if decision-making is done locally. We and all the parties in our alliance are supporters of direct participative democracy,” Molnár declared.

In response to a question, as a counterexample, he mentioned the case of the MCC College, which stole HUF 100 billion of public funds. “This government sees that the current opposition has a serious chance of winning next year and wants to build a ‘parallel country’ with public officials in remaining in office for 7, 9, or even 12 years. It is unacceptable for public property to suddenly become private property and that they do not meet the state requirement of ideological neutrality. We are also talking about valuable properties, such as at Lake Balaton, where sailboat owners have already been called to take their boats away because the new Fidesz-landlords have arrived and they have different ideas. Let there be patrons, but let it not be us and our taxes to fund private foundations that can be linked to a certain party” demanded the party director of MSZP.

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