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2021. április 01. 00:19

Municipalities and Opposition Do Their Best to Channel Resources to Right Place

Municipalities and Opposition Do Their Best to Channel Resources to Right Place
Contrary to the government's policy, it is not enough to support banks and the multinational corporations that take their profits abroad: Hungarian workers and their families must be kept afloat in Hungarian workplaces - the opposition says this is what democracy and decency demand.

In addition to providing assistance based on own resources, the lobby continues for the government to finally help Hungarian people and Hungarian businesses, said Socialist mayor of Budapest’s 2nd district and vice-president of Jobbik Dániel Z. Kárpát on  the ATV Start morning talk show on Wednesday morning.

“We’ve been focusing since the fall on testing those working in kindergarten, nurseries and thesocial sector. Last week, for example, about 5% of the people screened were found positive. And what is also very important is that we also screen those who work in the social sector who have not yet received the vaccine,” said Gergely Őrsi.

He added that they are glad to see that kindergarten and nursery staff is indeed starting to receive SMS notifications calling them in for testing, but they also hope that those working in the social sector who work in home care will also soon have their turn, as testing is paramount.

In response to the government's propaganda of economic success, Dániel Z. Kárpát warned that the average Hungarian wage is now approaching that of Kosovo; in fact, we are one of the worst performers in Europe in terms of economy, and they weaken the forint by 1,000 billion annually. “Our responsibility is to deal with the real problems of real people. We think that the economic ventilator should also be connected to Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which provide two-thirds of the jobs, so this might not be the best time to spend on hunting exhibitions, space exploration or indeed potato research”.

Gergely Őrsi indicated that local governments provide extra resources to ensure that the basic funds of healthcare are a given. “Yesterday, 2nd district teachers have also started receiving SMSs about their vaccination. This is very important as our tests also show that those working with children are at a very high risk. Once again, I would like to emphasize again that those working in the social sector, in non-residential institutions, are also very important, as they are the ‘extended arm ‘of healthcare!”

The Socialist politician added that nine workers from the district’s specialist clinics had already been retransferred but the work would continue in the district, nonetheless. “Life will not stop here: through reorganizations and superhuman work, as we have done before, we will do our utmost to ensure that all outpatient clinics continue to operate and treat all patients even in this situation. The local government will see to this, ”promised the socialist mayor of the 2nd district.


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