Failed Student Must Be Held Accountable! Rule of 1 Per Cent Must End!

Failed Student Must Be Held Accountable! Rule of 1 Per Cent Must End!
MSZP Co-president and group leader Bertalan Tóth gave the Fidesz and KDNP MPs an F on Monday, comparing them to anxious students on the verge of failure that even steal the class’ money.

"You know what I see when I look at Fidesz and KDNP MPs these days? Besides anxiety? Students who are not only failing, but even stealing the class’ money. The report cards are coming soon, and they know that what they have done so far can only get one grade: F," said the co-president in his speech before the Parliament's agenda.

Instead of improving their grades, he said, "they prefer to cheat, steal and threaten others. They try to make everyone think they’re blind, but in fact, everyone can see that they are just pursuing their own, individual interests," he scolded the government party.

As an example, he cited the fact that the National Assembly's Economic Committee voted in favour of a proposal by a "young  but experienced in gaining Fidesz MP on how to finish off the municipal rental housing system in order to make a narrow, wealthy elite even richer", while voting down MSZP's proposal to make the minimum wage tax-exempt.

He stressed that the Socialist proposal aimed to make the minimum wage tax-exempt and get low wages catch up for the benefit of some 2 300 000 workers, so that the Hungarian minimum wage would not lag behind its Slovak, Czech, Polish or Romanian counterparts.

"Hungarian workers should also get a decent wage for a decent job, so that they can make an earnest living," the group leader said.

He said according to Fidesz it was "fine" for the lowest salaries to be taxed in the same way as the income of Mészáros ‘non-strawman’ Lőrinc." Have you no shame? Don't you think people on low incomes deserve greater prosperity?" he asked.

He called the ruling party's decision to support "a proposal that serves a criminal circle and eats away at national wealth" instead of a proposal that benefits a wide range of Hungarian people "parasitic politics" and "quite shocking."

"This is exactly what we could expect from this team. (...) This is what the Orbán government and the Fidesz elite supporting it have been doing for 11 years, in practically every area," he noted.

He stressed that after 11 years of two thirds in parliament, "you really cannot explain why you let the state healthcare system go down the drain. There is no explanation why, with the full power of the government, you had to chase away nearly 5,000 doctors and nurses, why you could not organise mass testing, why you did not throw a lifeline to the hundreds of thousands affected by the livelihood crisis in the wake of the epidemic or why you are gutting local governments in a time of crisis."

"In 11 years, more and more Hungarians have been living under terrible conditions, and more and more people are at risk of falling behind. The leaders of the Fidesz regime and its oligarchs, however,only care about stealing! They are packing the nation's wealth into Fidesz’ private foundations; stuffing their pockets with Chinese and Russian money and selling out the country!"

He criticised the fact that they are building a university for China for 500 billion forints, and in return they are putting the Hungarian people into debt, and they want to "sell off" municipal rental apartments at 10-30% prices, so that they can be sold to "Fidesz cronies and the real estate mafia."

He stressed that the rule of the 1% must be broken. We need a change of government, a change of era, a free, fair and solidary country where "the failed student must be made accountable."


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