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2021. július 13. 13:48

MSZP: Equal pay for equal work!

MSZP: Equal pay for equal work!
The only way forward is fair pay and more scalable employment: the change of government can bring about more flexible work for women and many civil servants.

The example of women, but not only women, shows that injustices in Hungary have only deepened under the Fidesz government, said Socialist MP Zita Gurmai at her online press conference on Monday, broadcast on Facebook.

"After almost 12 years of theft by Fidesz, the people of Hungary need compensation! MSZP is confident that next spring Gergely Karácsony can form a government, and we can start building a country where not only the privileged few get richer, but the majority of people can start living increasingly better," Zita Gurmai stressed.

She reminded that for the same work, women are paid on average 11.2% less than men, which in terms of working hours is like women working for free from the end of November to the end of December. She said that according to CSO data, the poverty gap for women over 65 in 2019 is 40%, almost four times higher than in 2010. This means that the poverty rate for women over 65 has almost quadrupled compared to 2010.

"However, MSZP believes that everyone deserves a secure livelihood, which is why we are taking the initiative to make the retirement age for women flexible downwards," she said.

"We are in favour of allowing women who have at least 40 years of qualifying service to be able continue to retire without reduction before reaching the general age limit, and we would help them even more to qualify for widows' pensions before they reach the age limit," she added.

She also proposed that the retirement date in the public sector should be flexible upwards, as an option. "We plan to allow certain public sector workers, doctors, teachers and others to work beyond retirement," she emphasised.

"In MSZP we believe in equality, so after the change of government we will work to ensure that women and men are treated equally in all areas of life, including the world of work," the Socialist politician underlined.


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