2021. szeptember 09. 22:06

Fidesz Believes Education in Hungary Can Be Renewed with Ideological Training

Fidesz Believes Education in Hungary Can Be Renewed with Ideological Training
Fidesz wants to reform education by sending trainee teachers on courses to strengthen their Hungarian identity.

Does the government seriously believe that the greatest need in Hungary today is for ideological training? Has the programme for raising teachers' salaries already been drawn up? Wouldn't a training course to prepare teachers for the transition to digital education for when it is needed again, be of greater use?

Apart from the fact that this new 'training programme' is completely unnecessary, its creators are also riding the horse backwards. It is not those who, despite a starting salary of 150,000 forints net, choose to teach in a system that is far from modern and not even slightly supportive, that should be strengthened in their Hungarian identity. They have already proven their dedication; they know that young people are the key to the development of our country, and therefore they continue to teach children with unabated enthusiasm, despite difficult and undignified circumstances. Unlike Fidesz politicians, teachers are aware of the importance of quality education for Hungary’s benefit.

The introduction of the new 'training programme' raises a number of questions, which MSZP is now asking the government in writing. Who came up with the concept of this ideological training? What are the reasons for launching this course? How much did it cost to develop the programme?

We await the government's answers, but we are convinced that teachers do not need ideological training, but modern working conditions, freedom of teaching and decent salaries. Gergely Karácsony will provide all these for teachers once his government is in place.

Ágnes Kunhalmi,

MSZP co-president


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