2021. szeptember 13. 11:18

Fact-Finding Committee on Pegasus!

Fact-Finding Committee on Pegasus!
At a press conference held in front of the Constitution Protection Office on Friday, Socialist MP Attila Mesterházy proposed the establishment of a fact-finding committee to the National Security Committee of Parliament in the Pegasus surveillance case.

He said that the committee had the authority to do so, and the fact-finding subcommittee could also act in specific cases and would have the right to look into various data and files.

He said that he had a "very polite discussion with the Director-General of the Constitution Protection Office on Friday on the Pegasus cyber-weapon, but with few actual results."

"To give you a concrete example (...), I did not get an answer to the simple question of whether the government has such software, because the use of this type of equipment (...) is in the hands of the National Defence Service".

Therefore, Mesterházy has requested an appointment for next week with Director General of the National Defence Service Dr. Hedvig Pintér, he said.

One specific issue "was clarified" at the meeting, he pointed out. "According to the Director General, no MP has been monitored or heard in any way in the past," he said.

He added that the service was not concerned about the job title of the persons observed, "so there is no job discrimination in any form by the service", but that their work is defined by law and is "purpose-bound".

"In other words, whether it is a journalist, a lawyer, a politician or whoever being monitored, it is indifferent to the service," he said.

He added that, according to the DG, the Constitution Protection Office "has the status of a client", so if they want to carry out wiretapping or surveillance, they should turn to the National Security Service, because it has all the necessary tools.

According to Mesterházy, the Director General confirmed that in all cases they can only act on the basis of an individual authorisation, either by a court or by the Minister of Justice.

"It would be right (...) and useful if I could finally meet the Minister of Justice," he said, underlining that he had asked Judit Varga for an appointment a month and a half ago but had not even received a reply to his request.


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