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2021. szeptember 20. 18:35

The question is: was the spy software used legally?

The question is: was the spy software used legally?
“The question is: was the spy software used legally?” MSZP party director Zsolt Molnár pointed out on Monday morning on Spirit FM in connection with the spy software used to monitor journalists, businessmen and civilians.

"The main question here, practically the only question, is whether this type of software was used legally," said Socialist MP and member of Parliament's National Security Committee Zsolt Molnár.

"The question here is who authorised it, whether it was authorised in a professionally justifiable way, whether it was authorised legally or whether it was used for political purposes to illegally monitor journalists and politicians, be they (...) of any party," he stressed.

He warned against the debate going astray: as he said, the question is not whether the National Security Services have the means to carry out secret surveillance, which every country should have

"The problem would be if they did not have such software," he said.

He added that he could not confirm whether this was Pegasus in Hungary, but that he was "confident that we would know more about this issue today" after the meeting of Parliament's National Security Committee.

"It is not the software that is to blame, just as in war it is not the bullet that is to blame, (...) and it is not the knife in the kitchen that is to blame, but the person who holds it or who fires the gun. We have to find the person responsible," he said.

He said he could not "even assume" that the invited ministers and heads of services would refuse to attend Monday's parliamentary committee meeting, because if the ruling party MPs should not attend, "it would be taken as an admission".


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