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2021. szeptember 30. 21:43

Vaccination Status of COVID Patients Hospitalised or Dead Should Be Made Public!

Vaccination Status of COVID Patients Hospitalised or Dead Should Be Made Public!
Gergely Gulyás and government agencies continue to be secretive and refuse to disclose how many COVID patients who have been hospitalised or who have died of COVID were vaccinated, how many times they were vaccinated and with what vaccine. It is both professionally and morally incomprehensible why this information is not shared with the public on an on-going basis, as it would also demonstrate the effectiveness and necessity of vaccination.

The vaccination campaign in Hungary is stalled, and the country is well below the EU average in terms of vaccination coverage. Therefore, the effectiveness of vaccines must be communicated on all possible platforms, and a good example of this would be the continuous publication of the detailed vaccination data of hospitalised patients. Fidesz does not need to reinvent the wheel, because other countries have already realised that this can also be used to increase the willingness to get vaccinated, and so these figures are published automatically.

The lack of honest communication on the part of the government is a major obstacle to the management of the epidemic, which is why MSZP has been calling for continuous, rapid, accurate, credible and complete information from the very beginning of the outbreak.

It is in the interest of the entire country that as many people as possible be protected against the coronavirus, but this requires an effective vaccination campaign. According to MSZP, everything possible should be done to increase vaccination uptake, which is why MEP István Ujhelyi has appealed to the National Public Health Centre and the Ministry of Health to make the data public as soon as possible. The deadline for this public interest data request expires on Thursday, giving the government one more day to respond before the data is challenged in court.