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Zsolt Molnár: Alliance of Karácsony and Márki-Zay Could Be Common Denominator and Basis of Entire Election Coalition

Zsolt Molnár: Alliance of Karácsony and Márki-Zay Could Be Common Denominator and Basis of Entire Election Coalition
The Socialist politician said that voters expect the trio of the social and green agendas and national unity to be complemented by European values.

The second round of the opposition primaries that kicks off on Sunday morning will be an honourable and exciting one, creating and finalising the entire election coalition for a new government and a new era, MSZP party director Zsolt Molnár said on Monday evening on ATV's programme "Straightforward Talk."

Zsolt Molnár said that he was not surprised by the high turnout in the first round, but he was very happy that more than 600,000 people took advantage of the opportunity offered by this new form of participatory democracy and opposition politics.

When asked, the socialist politician said he expected a slightly lower turnout for the second round. "It starts on Sunday and it will last not nine days but seven. I urge everyone to come, because that's the way to express your opinion: not by Facebook posts, not by opinion-forming at home, not by messaging, but with the dignity of going online or offline, but by going, being there at the tent, on the internet, expressing your opinion, and then jointly representing the prime ministerial candidate who wins this pre-election."

He stressed that although MSZP-Dialogue would have extended the duration of the second round to start on Saturday, they made a compromise and as per the original seven-day agreement between the parties, the vote would start at 9am on Sunday. "The way to approach it is to look at it as a whole, and therefore everyone has to make compromises. That's why we support Gergő Karácsony's idea, which makes this integrative role and the wisdom of the board very important," he said.

On the three strongest parties in the alliance, he stressed that they are strong individually, but it is the combined result that really counts. "DK won 32 individual constituencies, Jobbik 29 and MSZP-Dialogue 25. This paints a realistic picture of how these parties relate to each other (...), but it's not how strong we are individually that counts, but how strong we are together: that's why we need a candidate for prime minister who can bring the parties together! But I would like to reassure everyone, and make it clear, that whoever wins, what really matters is that at the end of a respectable contest, we change government together by joining forces", he said of the strategy.

Finally, the MSZP party director presented his position on the future governmental cooperation between Gergely Karácsony and Péter Márki-Zay. "I really like the fact that there are two people who want to create something together and do something for the country together. Moreover, they are people who have been in serious dispute with each other previously. (...) They have already come to the point where they have put their faith in an alliance between a centre-right politician who fundamentally believes in Christian values and in the importance of Hungarians beyond the borders of Hungary and a politician who is committed to left-wing values and green thinking.”

He added that he would be very happy if Klára Dobrev "with her European values, the passion of the Democratic Coalition and her well-organised party, would get behind the two so that the three of them could create something big together . Obviously, to no one’s surprise, we support Gergely Karácsony, but I am very, very much rooting for them to succeed! The bottom line is that together we will be very strong and we will build a new republic and tear down the walls"!

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