2021. október 21. 21:50

Fidesz Says No to Tax-Free Minimum Wage

Fidesz Says No to Tax-Free Minimum Wage
Fidesz has decided to continue to impose extremely high taxes on the lowest salaries. At a meeting of the Economic Committee, its MPs voted down MSZP's proposal for a tax exempt minimum wage, which would increase the salary of employees by HUF 300,000 a year.

Moreover, this solution would not entail any costs for small and medium-sized enterprises, and would not only benefit minimum wage earners, but would also increase the salaries of everyone who earns less than HUF 321,000.

The governing party MPs, however, admitted that they believe there is nothing wrong with various taxes amounting to more than 30% burdening the Hungarian minimum wage, which is among the highest in the EU and the lowest in the Visegrad countries. MSZP, on the other hand, believes it is essential to make the minimum wage tax exempt and to reduce the tax on low wages, because as a result of 11 years of Fidesz regime, the wages of many workers barely cover the cost of living.

MSZP believes that low Hungarian wages should be raised because everyone deserves a secure living. Therefore, after the change of government in 2022, MSZP is the guarantee for fair pay rises and a tax-free minimum wage.




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Lajos Korózs, Chairman of the Committee for Public Welfare and

Imre Komjáthi, MSZP Vice-Chairman