2021. október 27. 19:17

Stop Orbán, Stop Petrol Prices! - We Will Be There At Every Mile Marker!

Stop Orbán, Stop Petrol Prices! - We Will Be There At Every Mile Marker!
The Socialists are launching a nationwide campaign to draw attention to the fact that the high price of petrol is largely the fault of the Hungarian government because of the taxes it imposes on it, MSZP party director Zsolt Molnár and local government representative and member of the national executive board Dávid Bihal announced at a press conference on Wednesday.

"The moment has come when what is happening in this country in this regard is no longer tolerable," Molnár said, referring to the price of fuel at over 500 forints a litre.

He called the extortion of the people unacceptable and demanded "in the strongest possible terms" that Orbán, the government and Fidesz "change this practice urgently".

He also called on the government to "immediately" transfer a third of excise tax revenues to municipalities to enable them to carry out road, cycle path and park development projects that are important to everyone.

He recalled that when Fidesz was in opposition, they blamed the then government for high fuel prices. "It is important for everyone to understand that the Hungarian government is responsible for a large part of the fuel price because of the taxes imposed," he said.

Dávid Bihal warned that high fuel prices would bring along high food prices. MSZP is therefore organising awareness-raising campaigns across the country to show that the government "even with petrol, it is politicising in a way to make people's lives more difficult."

He recalled that the Socialists were the first to take on the cause of Lake Balaton, holding nationwide awareness-raising actions to "stop Orbán’s so called  National Cooperation System (NER) destroying of Lake Balaton"; and they also took on the cause of the renovation of the Chain Bridge because "the government wanted to kill this project."

MSZP now also takes action against the price of petrol at over 500 forints. "We will be there at every mile marker," he promised.