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2021. november 02. 09:48

MSZP: Government Should Support Increase of Commuting Allowance!

MSZP: Government Should Support Increase of Commuting Allowance!
Fuel price increases are a burden for everyone: Fidesz should stop profiteering from this and help Hungarian families in the current situation. This is what MSZP demands of the government and, at the request of trade unions, the Socialists have also tabled a bill to support employees' commuting to work by car.

Fuel prices have soared above 500 forints. However, there is a family-friendly proposal and an opportunity to provide support for employees who are forced to drive to work, using the VAT and excise tax collected from the relentless rise in prices, MSZP deputy chairman Imre Komjáthi stressed at an online press conference on Friday.

"Understanding and supporting the initiative of the Hungarian Trade Union Federation, the Hungarian Socialist Party has submitted a bill to increase the tax-free allowance for commuting to work by car from the current HUF 15 to HUF 25," Komjáthi said.

"We can see that brutally rising prices are no longer only on the horizon, but part of Hungarian reality. We can see that diesel and petrol prices, which have risen to over 500 forints, are already 40% more expensive than this time last year (...). It can be seen and felt that this is a very heavy burden on the wallets of many Hungarian families and workers. We can see that many people do not drive their cars out of a sense of convenience, but because they are forced to do so: they have to go to work," the Socialist politician pointed out.

"We firmly call on the government to support the proposal of the Hungarian Socialist Party (...), as we can see that taxes and contributions represent a significant share of fuel prices, and therefore the government has the leeway to provide immediate help to Hungarian families by adopting such a proposal," he said.

"The Hungarian Socialist Party, as a left-wing party, is an ally of trade unions, which is why we were the first to hear the initiative and proposal of the Hungarian Trade Union Federation, and we immediately submitted this bill in line with it", the MSZP deputy chairman concluded.


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