2022. március 03. 19:34

Fidesz MEPs Also Vote for Action against Russian Spy Bank and Rosatom

Fidesz MEPs Also Vote for Action against Russian Spy Bank and Rosatom
Fidesz MEPs also voted in favour of action against the Russian "spy bank" and Russian residency bondholders, and also supported the termination of cooperation with Rosatom, which is also involved in the Paks project, said the MEP of MSZP-Párbeszéd on Tuesday.

At an online press conference during the EP session in Brussels, István Ujhelyi said that "there is complete chaos within Fidesz. After 12 years, all Orbán's foreign policy and domestic political ambitions have collapsed. It has turned out to be a complete failure, and even dangerous for the security of the Hungarian nation to cuddle up to Putin."

He said that the EP would adopt a resolution on the war in Ukraine, and that Fidesz MEPs had voted for the EU to expel "the spy bank that Orbán brought into Hungary."

He added that Fidesz MEPs also voted in favour of the expulsion of people who came to the EU through "the big business of residency bonds", invented by the Orban-Rogan duo, including people from Putin's entourage.

The Fidesz MEPs also voted to dissolve all cooperation with Rosatom, which is a partner of Orbán and his oligarchs in the Paks project, he said.

István Ujhelyi sais he wondered whether Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would do what the EP asked and the Fidesz MEPs supported, or would he continue the same madness that has left Hungary at the mercy of Putin, the aggressor, and alienated it from the EU?

He said that on 3 April the choice in the parliamentary elections would be between "Orbanistan" and a united and secure European Union.   

Deputy mayor of Budapest and member of the European Committee of the Regions, Socialist Kata Tüttő said that just as during the coronavirus epidemic, local governments were the first to help those in trouble during the Russian-Ukrainian war, often instead of the government. Municipalities across the country are helping to collect donations and organise accommodation for refugees, he added.

She said that on Tuesday evening, the opposition would organise a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the Russian "spy bank" in Budapest, where they would not only welcome peace protesters but also collect donations.

MSZP MP László Varga, calling the EP's support for Ukraine important, said the opposition wants a government after April 3 that can actually bring EU development funds to Hungary.