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No political force in this country today wants to send weapons and soldiers to Ukraine!

No political force in this country today wants to send weapons and soldiers to Ukraine!
In her speech before the agenda of Thursday's extraordinary session of Parliament, the MSZP co-president said she welcomed the fact that the legislature had finally condemned Putin's aggression, which had further complicated the lives of Hungarian people, and promised that after 3 April the new government of national unity established by United for Hungary would bring about the desired turnaround, which would finally improve the well-being and security of society in everyday life.

Although Fidesz was again absent to protest against Thursday's extraordinary session of Parliament, it could not prevent its political success, Kunhalmi pointed out. She pointed out that without this, the otherwise belated resolution, which was voted on almost unanimously in the afternoon, would not have been tabled.

She underlined that the opposition had finally achieved its goal: on the one hand, it forced the governing parties to condemn Russian aggression in the form of a parliamentary resolution, and on the other hand, it lifted the veil on Fidesz's smear campaign. She stressed that no political force in Hungary today wants to send weapons and soldiers to Ukraine.

"The fundamental question is no longer how we approach the war, but whether we can protect the Hungarian people from the negative security, economic and social impacts and consequences of the war," she said, referring to Fidesz's propaganda of lies, in which the opposition was accused of wanting to send Hungarian soldiers to Ukraine.

She said that the security situation was clear; NATO is the force that would protect Hungary in the event of a conflict. "Hungary's current and future security does not depend on Viktor Orbán, but on NATO. NATO, which Hungary joined on the initiative of former Prime Minister Gyula Horn," she recalled.

In her address, the Socialist politician pointed out that, apart from physical security, the second crucial factor was to avoid the negative economic impacts of the war. "Contrary to Fidesz's smear campaign, we will maintain the reduction of overheads, and even supplement it with the housing programme and the renovation of the Kádár blocks; (...) we will pay the 13th month pension, and even increase the real value of pensions by restoring the mixed indexation of pension calculations," she said, listing the actual plans of the opposition.

"We will implement our wage increase programme (...). We will raise wages in the health, education, social and law enforcement sectors, among others. (...) We will reduce VAT on basic foodstuffs to 5%, thus curbing the accelerating inflation. If VAT is lower, (...) the pace of future price rises will be much lower, too," she said, adding that the value of incomes of working-age people will also increase because the minimum wage will be exempt from tax.

Speaking on behalf of the United for Hungary alliance, she promised a rental housing construction programme to tackle the housing crisis and that the new government would also break with the policy of deliberately weakening the forint to protect people. "We will do our utmost to strengthen the forint, and at the same time we will start preparing for the introduction of the euro to protect Hungarians from the very negative, bad effects of exchange rate fluctuations," she underlined.

"In addition to the physical and economic security that will be established after three weeks (...) by the next government, we call for an end to the divisive, hate-mongering policies for the sake of security in society. In the current situation of war, it is particularly important that unity and national minima are established between the political sides, at least on the most basic of issues. One such national minimum is the resolution that we have jointly voted for today," the MSZP co-president stressed, adding that the democratic opposition is in favour of a peaceful, diplomatic solution and supports humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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