2011. július 14. 16:28

Opposition Socialists submit referendum bid

The opposition Socialist Party has submitted a referendum initiative to the National Elections Committee, seeking to ban legislation with retroactive effect, party chair Attila Mesterhazy said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties had refused to include such a ban, as proposed by the Socialists, in Hungary's new constitution.

As examples of legislation "seriously harming legal security" Mesterhazy mentioned subsequently levying a 98-percent tax on legitimately earned income, nationalising private pension payments, eliminating early pensions without a clemency period or cutting benefits for disability pensioners.

Mesterhazy insisted that such laws were not what voters wanted. He said that people should have an opportunity to put forward their opinion directly and "if necessary to put an end to such practices".

The proposed referendum question is: "Do you agree that the part of a law which has negative impact on its subjects should not be applied in the period before the legislation takes effect?"