2011. december 23. 19:28

PES supports Hungarian socialists’ attempts to protect Democracy

MSZP leader detained in protest outside parliament.

The Party of European Socialists has declared ‘complete support’ for the actions of the Hungarian Socialist Party, MSZP, in their efforts to protect the integrity of their national democratic system. Led by Chairman, Attila Mesterhazy, MSZP representatives joined in a protest outside the Hungarian Parliament. The protest put a spotlight on the attempts by the Hungarian Governing party, FIDESZ, and its increasingly authoritarian leader, Viktor Orban, to impose permanent party control over the banking system, the tax system and the electoral boundaries.

Mr. Mesterhazy was arrested and detained for protecting the protestors from Hungarian police. PES interim President and former Bulgarian Prime Minister, Sergei Stanishev said; “I would like to congratulate Attila Mesterhazy for his courage. He is making a stand for basic democratic principles. He, his party MSZP, and the Hungarian people have the complete support of all European socialist and social democratic parties”. PES General Secretary Philip Cordery said that; “It is clear that Viktor Orban has lost respect for even the most basic democratic standards. Hungary is descending into a ‘one-party state’ scenario. Attila Mesterhazy and MSZP are proving that when democracy is at stake, true leaders show themselves. The Party of European Socialists will make 2012 a year for European democracy.

Mr. Cordery added that; "I expect all European Parties, including the European Peoples Party (EPP), which includes FIDESZ as a member, to condemn these anti-democratic actions by Viktor Orban’s Government".

23 December 2011, Brussels