2011. július 24. 19:28

Socialists criticise govt policies, want educated workforce

The government's education and employment policies are doomed for failure; a strong nation requires an educated workforce rather than "disposable" labourers, a board member of the opposition Socialist Party told a press conference on Sunday.

Agnes Kunhalmi referred to planned changes to the education act and labour regulations, and said they were designed to cut education spending and restrict employee rights.

Large numbers of people are without the necessary knowledge and skills to find employment, Kunhalmi said, and insisted that the solution was to provide education to enable them to become more competitive, rather than making them even more vulnerable.

Kunhalmi noted that Europe would need 12 million fewer unskilled workers by 2020, whereas positions requiring skills will increase by an estimated 16 million.

The Socialist politician held her press conference in front of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in protest against "the chamber's support for the government's feudal policy". She argued that the country does not need "navvies, semi- or complete illiterates". Those with some education require higher wages but will also produce more value, she added.