2018. november 05. 16:08

MSZP Supports Demonstration against Taxation of Fringe Benefits

MSZP Supports Demonstration against Taxation of Fringe Benefits
MSZP supports Tuesday’s trade union demonstration against the taxation of fringe benefits and will initiate in Parliament the retention of the current the regulation.

At a press conference on Monday in Budapest, chairman and caucus leader of the opposition party Bertalan Tóth said that if the preferential taxation of these benefits should cease, they would no longer be provided by employers.   

He said the Fidesz government "deprives" workers of housing, school-starting, and commuting subsidies and pulls about ten thousand forints a month out of a worker's pocket with this measure.

He said the Cabinet had not listened to the leaders of trade unions before the decision was made, and so the interest representation bodies were organizing a demonstration for Tuesday.

The party chairman said that they would like the government to withdraw from these measures and will initiate the retention of current tax rules.

According to deputy chairman of MSZP Imre Komjáthi, the government is cowardly because it does not dare to convene a meaningful consultation with trade unions. He said the government's argument that it is necessary to change the taxation rules for fringe benefits for fiscal savings had no credit.

He added that employees could see very well that while the government is ready to reach into in their pockets, money is spent on luxury investments and extravagance. “Today, in Hungary, there is enough money for whatever Viktor Orbán wants to spend on, for example, making his family members and the country lords of Fidesz richer," he said.

The socialist politician said that they were asking all employees and anyone interested in changing the government's ‘bill of worker exploitation’, to go to the demonstration that begins Wednesday afternoon in front of the National Bank of Hungary. Members of the MSZP National Board would be there, he added.