2020. január 15. 21:30

MSZP Starts Dialogue on European Minimum Wage

MSZP Starts Dialogue on European Minimum Wage
MSZP welcomes the European Commission's consultation on a European minimum wage, which brings the Social Europe demanded by MSZP and the European Socialists one step closer to reality.
We consider it necessary to introduce a European minimum wage, because the growing social and income disparities are causing increasing tension in individual Member States and throughout the European Union. In order to reduce this source of conflict, there is a need for uniform rules in the field of social rights, which provide real physical and livelihood security for all EU citizens.
MSZP agrees that employees have the right to a fair wage that ensures decent a living. Today, approximately 1.1 million employees work in Hungary for a gross minimum wage of HUF 161,000, which is one of the lowest minimum wages in the European Union. Therefore, an adequate minimum wage should be provided so that employees can meet their own needs and the needs of their families from their earnings.
In the next few days, we will launch a social debate and dialogue on the setting of European minimum wage rules. Everybody can comment on the European Minimum Wage Initiative and make suggestions by filling out the questionnaires soon available online and in the MSZP offices that are open to the pro-republic minded. We undertake to represent the majority position in the social debate both in the European Parliament and in the Hungarian National Assembly.
Dr. Bertalan Tóth
MSZP President