2020. május 09. 18:05

Europe Day: our ferryboat country’s place is in the harbour of Europe!

Europe Day: our ferryboat country’s place is in the harbour of Europe!
Seventy years ago, on this day, Robert Schuman, the then French Foreign Minister, proposed the establishment of the predecessor of the current European Union.
Since 1985, this day has been celebrated as the birthday of the European Community, Europe Day. At least by those who value European peace, community strength, European values ​​and development based on solidarity cooperation.
For sixteen years, the European Union has also been home to us, but we have declared ourselves to belong to this Western, enlightened and progressive Europe for a thousand years already. Our ferryboat country has withstood many storms, but it finally found a safe harbour. And there can be no question that it has a place in this harbour. Hungary can never be in opposition to Europe!
The European Union is not flawless. But it is a disastrous lie to say that a better life awaits us outside the Union. For our European Community to fulfil its duty we need to deepen our cooperation, strengthen its immune systems and finally put people at its centre. This is why MSZP fights steadfastly for the livelihood of workers and the social security of their families, for the protection of pensioners and small and medium-sized enterprises, and for the guarantee European standard health care for all of us. Europe will either continue to build on the social pillars or remain the boldest and most important yet unfinished enterprise in modern history.
The last decades have been the most peaceful and prosperous years in European history. We European Democrats are working to ensure that Hungary remains a proud and worthy member of our European Community. Happy birthday, Europe! God bless European Hungary!
Bertalan Tóth,
MSZP President, group leader
István Ujhelyi,
MSZP Member of the European Parliament