2020. június 25. 15:30

Hungarian Socialist Party Adopts New Statutes

Hungarian Socialist Party Adopts New Statutes
The Hungarian Socialist Party has adopted its new statutes and is now ready for opposition negotiations, party president Bertalan Tóth announced at a press conference held on Wednesday, together with the party's board members and several officials.

The document provides an opportunity to hold pre-elections in all 106 constituencies in preparation for the 2022 parliamentary elections, to nominate candidates for the party there, and for the MSZP to conclude the necessary agreements during the opposition negotiations.

"On behalf of the presidency, I declare that the Hungarian Socialist Party is ready to cooperate with the opposition, so that together we can fight the battle we are launching together with the opposition parties for a new, more liveable Hungary," he said.

As soon as possible, as early as in the summer, he will initiate talks with opposition parties on a shared vision of “how the opposition envisions this new republic.”

“We are ready,” the party chairman said, “to have a pre-election on the person of the prime minister; for the opposition parties to set up a common list of candidates and elaborate their offer to Hungarian voters on “a more liveable, a new, a solidarity-based and just Hungary” because “this is the best chance for that change of government and era for which we are fighting”.

As a political innovation, the statutes provide an opportunity for having a female and a male co-president of the party. Tóth and caucus leader Ágnes Kunhalmi announced that they would run together for the co-presidency at the next internal election of officials.

Bertalan Tóth announced: the party has also completed its political strategy for the reconstruction of Hungary, which protects Hungarian families, employees, pensioners and all those in need of protection; which is about rebuilding Hungary, education, healthcare and the economy, so that public life no longer be about corruption, and the path to prosperity no longer be favouritism.

"Let there not be equals and more equals, but a just Republic of Hungary in which everyone has a place and in which, as one nation, everyone fights for prosperity," he said.

The new statutes were adopted by an online vote with a 96% majority. Kunhalmi thanked her voters for the overwhelming support, as she said: this means there is a need for the concept proposed by the people standing here; bearing in mind the interests of Hungary, it is a proposal that is both strategically and politically appropriate.

Regarding the introduction of the position of the female co-president, she said: the message to Hungarian society is to consider Hungarian women in society and families not only legally equal, but finally as politically and economically equal parties as well.

She emphasized that the MSZP must become the strongest ally of the opposition cooperation, its “connective tissue”; they are linked to their pro-republic allies by values ​​that reduce social disparities and excluding no one from good health care and access to knowledge.

“We envisage a state where everyone has a roof over their heads, where everyone not only has a job but a decent wage,” she said, adding that politics must not climb into people’s privacy, people should not be arrested for a Facebook post by police officers and the major news portal, Index and with it the freedom of speech must not be threatened.

She said he stood deeply and in faith for the pre-election, "it is time for the political parties to grow up to that task and create the political conditions for cooperation".

 "We have teamed up and we are calling everyone to the fight to create a better and more liveable Hungary, because this country deserves a lot more and there is more to it," she concluded.