2020. július 06. 13:23

People Choose Chain Bridge Over Grandiose Fireworks

People Choose Chain Bridge Over Grandiose Fireworks
In a single week, many thousands signed the voting forms of MSZP and threw in a cap at the collection points, indicating that the government should spend on the Chain Bridge and not on skyrockets.

The ballot boxes were opened, the opinion of the people is now made public, said president of MSZP Budapest Zsolt Molnár at the campaign closing press conference on Friday afternoon.

“We got an answer to the question whether the people of Budapest want skyrockets or a renovated Chain Bridge, that István Széchenyi and the members of the Bridge Association had dreamed of in the middle of the 19th century,” announced Zsolt Molnár and thanked his staff for running a successful campaign.

“We are a few hours past the disgraceful vote where the Fidesz majority adopted a ‘budget of revenge,’ as the government has learned nothing from the message of 13 October 2019, namely that in Budapest, and in much of the country, we want the power of Orbán’s National Cooperation System to end,” he pointed out.

He said a budget had been adopted that would let people down and hinder the operation of local governments until they can no longer function. "They did so in such a way that the mayor of Budapest, who has the greatest legitimacy in the country - as no Hungarian politician is directly cast as many votes as the mayor of Budapest - warned the Hungarian government in the morning that this budget was unacceptable. There were other mayors standing by his side who confirmed this” he recalled. "But the electorate will not forget, so the government will have to bear responsibility for this disgraceful budget," the director of the party added.

Zsolt Molnár confirmed that if the government does not give a single penny, the Budapest city administration with Mayor Gergely Karácsony and Deputy Mayor Kata Tüttő will still renovate the Chain Bridge. "This bridge is one of the most important symbols of the nation, so it is especially disgraceful that the current Hungarian government uses this issue for political battles," the socialist politician stressed.

The president of MSZP in the capital praised the wise decision of voters in Budapest and thanked Csaba Horváth beside him for his work for saving the bridge. “They made a good decision when they gave a mandate to the alliance led by Gergely Karácsony on 13 October, and they made a good decision when they elected Csaba Horváth mayor of Zugló who does a lot together with deputy mayor of Budapest Kata Tüttő in the General Assembly of Budapest to get the renovation of the bridge on the right track. And I thank the voters in Budapest for the many thousands of caps and signatures with which they expressed their opinion whether want skyrockets or the Chain Bridge.”

Finally, Zsolt Molnár spoke about the importance of the unity of the nation and the commitment of his party to it. “We, Socialists in Budapest, in fact, the entire Socialist Party, are on the side of the people; we feel the responsibility, and we will do everything we can to restore the unity of the nation, if not sooner, then in 2022. After the parliamentary elections, this Bridge will not separate the people of Budapest from the non-Budapest people, or those within and outside the borders of Hungary, but connect all the members of the nation, as the Széchenyi Chain Bridge is one of our most important symbols.”