2020. október 22. 10:06

Government Also Lets Education Down

Government Also Lets Education Down
The second wave of the epidemic produces increasing infection and mortality rates every day. It is a proven fact that closed communities, especially schools and nursing homes, are the hotbeds of the epidemic.

More and more Hungarian teachers, that is, those who have still remained in the profession, belong to the endangered age group, therefore, they should have an increased demand for protection against the coronavirus.

By contrast, the government is trying to fulfil an obligation that it cannot delegate to anyone by simply issuing slogans and announcements. Due to their inaction, three teachers have already fallen victims to the epidemic, and many infected teachers are forced into quarantine or home care, for which time the state does not even grant them the right to 100 per cent sick pay.

It is unacceptable for the government to ignore the experiences and recommendations of the other countries affected by the epidemic and almost nullify school testing. They do this despite the fact that it could significantly reduce infection in schools.

Statistics of the Ministry of Human Capacities (EMMI) show that the number of teachers has been lower this year than ever before. Who will teach our children if the virus continues to decimate even this shrinking number of teachers in Hungary, moreover, with the tacit involvement of the state?

MSZP therefore calls for immediate action from the education government and the operative board responsible for epidemiological measures and demands regular screening in schools effective immediately, with no money necessary to fund protective gear and technical equipment to be spared!


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Ágnes Kunhalmi, MSZP Co-president
Vice-president of the Committee on Culture